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AAC Block Manufacturing Units

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of the wide range of AAC Block Manufacturing Units. Precisely designed and engineered these products have become the preferred choice of the clients all across the nation.

AAC was perfected in the mid-1920s by the Swedish architect and inventor Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson, working with Professor Henrik Kreuger at the Royal Institute of Technology. It went into production in Sweden in 1929 in a factory in Hallabrottet and quickly became very popular. In the 1940s, the trademark Ytong was introduced, and was often referred to as "blue concrete" in Sweden due to its blueish tinge.

Advantages of AAC Bricks
  • ACC is a highly thermally insulating concrete-based material used for both internal and external construction.
  • AAC is well suited for urban areas with high rise buildings and those with high temperature variations.
  • AAC materials can be coated with a stucco or plaster compound to guard against the elements, or covered with siding materials such as brick or vinyl.
  • Porous structure allows for superior fire resistance.
  • Workability allows accurate cutting, which minimizes the generation of solid waste during use.
  • Light weight saves cost & energy in transportation, labor expenses, and increases chances of survival during seismic activity.
  • Larger size blocks leads to faster masonry work.
  • Resource efficiency gives it lower environmental impact in all phases of its life cycle, from processing of raw materials to the disposal of waste.
Plants and Machinery
We manufacture and supply best quality Block Plants on very convenient costs. Using the latest technology and hi-tech machinery we provide the best efficiency and time saving systems in our plants. The system is totally electronic based so as to make it cost saving, time saving and efficient as well.

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Production Lines involves :

1.Raw Material Preparation 2.Casting & Rising Section 3.Tilting
4.Cutting 5.Back-Tilting and Bed Waste Removal 6.Green Separation
7.Autoclaving 8.Packing 9.Automation

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