Cone Crushers – Ideal Choice for Making Your Work Simpler

Cone Crushers

Cone Crushers – Ideal Choice for Making Your Work Simpler

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Cone Crushers are used at the construction works and they are widely used types of stone crushers. Cone Crushers help to reduce the size of large rocks and ores into smaller granules or pieces. They are mainly used for projects such as renovation or road building purposes.

They have been used in industries such as:

  • Chemical & phosphate industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Mining Industry

The major components of Cone Crushers:

As they are complex machines, they consist of a lot of components consisting of:

  • Principal shaft
  • Counter shaft
  • Springs
  • Manganese metal


Cone Crusher’s working principle is similar to gyrator crushers. It contains parallel zone and less steepness in the crushing chamber. It helps to break the rocks by crushing and squeezing them between the eccentrically gyrating spindles and enclosing concave hopper. On the other hand, the gyrating spring is covered by the wear resistant mantle and the concave hopper is covered by the bowl liner or manganese concave.

When the rock or ore enters into the cone crusher from the top, it stops in the upper area, and gets squeezed between the bowl liner and the mantle. Now, larger pieces are broken and allowed to fall to the lower position where they are smashed again.

This process continues until these pieces are small enough to escape through the narrow opening available for these pieces at the lowest part of the machine i.e. the bottom area.

Benefits of using it:

  • They are the efficient types of rock crushers.
  • They offer many advantages including but not limited to the big crushing ratio, thin and uniform product size, low power consumption and good grainy products.
  • They consist of energy-saving ultra-fine broken elements of rock.
  • They use covered crushing principle and include a wide product range.
  • The cavity clearance is more convenient when compared to other crusher-type machine.

Bottom Line

The efficient working principle of cone crushers makes them ideal choice for making work simpler besides crushing iron ore, non ferrous metal, granite, cobblestone and limestone.