Equipments required for Crushing Different Materials


Equipments required for Crushing Different Materials

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Various materials are used to construct a building. Various things such as stone, gravel, crushed stone, sand, and slang are often used for the construction process. However, some heavy duty machines are used to make them into usable aggregate. After crushing into small pieces, they can be used for roads, buildings, railroad beds, or other construction purposes.

So what does it take to accomplish that kind of aggregate crushing? What kind of equipment is up to that task?

Here are the equipments required for crushing different materials:

Vibrating conveyor belt:

These belts are often long and help to carry the bigger raw materials for crushing that will be used for further purpose. Raw material such as large pieces of rock are mined, put into dump trucks, and then poured slowly and carefully onto these vibrating conveyor belts.

Then, these raw materials cut into smaller pieces and make larger pieces from falling into the crushers at once.

Jaw crusher:

A jaw crusher is the first step in aggregate crushing. It contains a vertical plate and an angled plate. As the vibrating conveyor belt pours large pieces of rock into the jaw crusher, the angled plate crushes it against the stationary vertical plate. After that, it goes down a ‘throat’ at the bottom and then crushed into smaller pieces.

Impact crusher:

It is another vibrating conveyor belt that takes the crushed aggregate to a second crusher.  The impact crusher utilizes a system of wheels that throw rocks against hard plate, where they are divided and broken on impact.

Vibrating screen:

A vibrating screen contains various layers of filters. After the aggregate crushing, the aggregate is poured into these vibrating screens, where the filters sort the rocks into various different sizes. The finer the aggregate is, the more it gets filtered. The quarry or facility can then parcel out these different sizes of materials produced by aggregate crushing and send them to the appropriate customers.

Many types of equipment are required for crushing process, and some equipment may vary depending on the materials being crushed. But these machines are the major elements that a quarry or other facility will need for this enterprise.