Knowing the Maintenance Tips of Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crushers

Knowing the Maintenance Tips of Jaw Crusher

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Jaw crushers are used to break building materials such as rocks into small pieces. They help to reduce large rock pieces into smaller pieces such as gravel. They can be used in various situations. Jaw crushers break large rocks into smaller pieces so that they can be transported easily.

To enhance the life of jaw crushers, it is necessary to execute a plan that will increase the life of a crusher thereby reducing repair cost and increasing the output.

Here are the maintenance tips to manage Jaw Crusher:

1) Following the Crusher Constraints

Jaw Crushers have three limitations that need to be considered while operating it. They are horsepower, volume and the crushing force. It will be overloaded dif any of these limitations exceed while operating. So, operator needs to be considered these limitations before starting the operation.

By forcing the crusher to go beyond limits and stressing out different aspects of the machine, the lifespan is decreased and the time that it has between repairs and failure is shortened. All this leads to more repair expenditure, more man-hours, reduced output and in few cases permanent failure of the machine.

2) Understanding the maintenance needs of jaw Crusher

Before operating, maintenance of these crushers need to be understood. They are Preventive maintenance, Predictive maintenance and Reactive maintenance.

3) Preventive Maintenance

They need to be on a schedule and followed to keep up the crusher life. Following the Jaw crusher manufacturer manual is necessary and it also helps to enhance the shelf life.

4) Root Cause Analysis

Identifying and applying corrective measures to the root cause because of which the jaw crusher is facing issues. This can be very cost effective in the long run as it will reduce the recurrence of the problem.

5)  Design and Implement an Employee Training Plan

Employees need to be trained on one-to-one basis and new processes or techniques need to be imparted to employees. Proper training helps to enhance morale, confident in operating the crusher, their efficiency to work and decrease employee turnover.