Introducing to Dry Mix Mortar Plants

Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Introducing to Dry Mix Mortar Plants

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Dry Mix Mortar Plants

Dry Mix Mortar is among the most resourceful material used in contemporary construction industry. It serves to masonry blocks & other lay bricks, coat building as skim coat & fixes tiles & renders. Now a days all Indian & Foreign construction Industries are insistent for new improved building material. The modern Dry Mix Mortar is produced in a special factory with steadfast facilities on blending & batching of all the necessary ingredients in the highly-controlled process. In this way, different types of Dry Mix Mortar Plant products with well-defined performance & properties to meet specific requirement and application can be produced. Today the Dry Mix Mortar is subjugating the market by replacing the traditional job site mixing mortar because of its various uses and advantages.

Buildmate is the Dry Mix Mortar Plant Manufacturers & Supplier India is a pioneering technology that offers an extremely thin-joint (~2mm) alternative to the conventional mortar. Thin joint mortar is used in most fixture globally to hold the AAC blocks together.

Dry Mix Mortar Plants Mechinery is a thin-joint adhesive with firmly laying, high strength attributes AAC blocks. A factory-mixed mortar manufactured in an automated manner, it is constituted by graded sand, cement and blended with polymers. Even at 2-3mm thickness, it imparts water retention properties and high strength. The output quality is consonant across batches. Moreover is as per the particularize technical specs. Special silos or bags are used for delivering dry mix mortar to the building site. One just needs to add water to the blend before using it. Various chemical and physical properties of dry mortar are pre-tested in a laboratory, banish any scope of inconsistency.

AAC blocks absorb moisture from the mortar due to their permeable nature. This results in pinhole gaps in brickwork, directly affecting the bond strength of the mortar while water and heat pass through it.

Dry Mix Mortar is used along with AAC blocks for optimal results. The product supports better enhanced thermal, build quality and acoustic performance, shorter construction timelines and maximum usage of raw materials available.

Advantages of Dry Mix Mortar plant:

  • Reduced shrinkage cracks through better cement hydration
  • Good workability and sag resistance
  • Very good compressive tensile and flexural strength
  • Good water resistance property
  • Better flexibility nsEasy to mix and apply
  • Better finish and surface appearance
  • Almost no wastage of the material at a site
  • Minimum space required for the storage
  • Inventory cost saving
  • No different raw materials (sand, cement and additives)
  • Minimum supervision requires istent quality

Buildmate is a leading name in the manufacturing of Dry Mix Mortar Plant Supplier and other construction-related equipment like pugmill, cement terminal, cement silos and others.