What are the distinct Types of Overhead Crane Machinery available in the Market?

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What are the distinct Types of Overhead Crane Machinery available in the Market?

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Learn about the distinct types of Overhead Crane Machinery available in the Indian market today.

EOT Cranes:

The EOT in EOT Crane Machinery is nothing but “Electric Overhead Travelling”. These types of overhead cranes are stationary and allow for oblique movement across two planes. Not only do they move forwards and backward but can also move up and down with the load. These cranes are flawless for indoor work.

Factories, big warehouses, assembly lines, mining corporations, etc. can make good use of EOT cranes. Easy to operate and low maintenance makes these cranes a good investment, especially if you have trained experience and operators frequent need for heavy load lifting.

The only thing to keep in mind is that they are not to be used in corrosive and explosive environments.

HOT Cranes:

Here, the HOT in HOT Cranes is nothing but “Hoist One Track”. HOTs are a stationary overhead crane and allow for lateral movement across two planes as well.

They are less usual as compared to EOT crane as they don’t allow for as much movement as the EOT cranes.

They are more routinely used for maintenance purposes. They have a hoist attached to the bridge which can be controlled using an electric pendant.

They are low maintenance and a sound investment if you frequently need a lot of repair in your enterprise and maintenance.

Single-Girder & Double-Girder Cranes:

These are the development of the cranes mentioned above. They are both used for heavy-lifting with the double-girder cranes specifically built for maximal load capacity.

Due to their need to lift extremely heavy loads, the EOT crane design principles applied are a bit more complex compared to effortless EOT Crane Machinery Manufacturers.

The EOT crane parts such as the trolley and the hoist are more intricate in their function and design as they have to withstand heavier use. Single-girder cranes usually have a load capacity of not more than 14 tons and can span up to 64 feet.

While double-girder cranes have no limits in either particular. So, if your need is of lifting light to medium weight load then a single-girder crane is the best option.

Gantry Cranes:

Lastly, Gantry Crane Machinery are exclusive types of cranes which come with a self-support structure attached. These cranes have two vertical structural components that bear the load as well as most of the weight of the crane.

Used for their sturdiness and ability to withstand tear and wear, these are highly efficient cranes more apt for outdoor use as there is a constraint of supporting structures when working outside.

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