Our Role in Building Tomorrow with Crane Machinery and EOT

Crane Machinery and EOT Role in Building Tomorrow

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It is impossible even to think of building modern high-rise structures without Crane Machinery and EOT. Cranes are a wonder created by human mind. A wonder that has made construction activity simple, freeing it from intensive physical labor. It has brought unbelievable swiftness in lifting of building material from ground to the point of actual construction in High rise structures. I saw extensive use of this machine in every construction activity in New York.

Crane Machinery

What are the distinct Types of Overhead Crane Machinery available in the Market?

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Learn about the distinct types of Overhead Crane Machinery available in the Indian market today.

EOT Cranes:

The EOT in EOT Crane Machinery is nothing but “Electric Overhead Travelling”. These types of overhead cranes are stationary and allow for oblique movement across two planes. Not only do they move forwards and backward but can also move up and down with the load. These cranes are flawless for indoor work.

tower crane

What to consider before buying a tower crane?

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Tower cranes are used to lift the heavy loads. They can lift loads much higher as they contain a greater weight capacity. Tower cranes are the modern forms of a balanced crane. There has been a growing demand for tower crane and its manufacturers in India. As they contain the high lifting capacity, they are used to construct tall buildings.

Tower Cranes

Make an Impossible Task Possible using Tower Cranes

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The tower crane surpasses any other cranes in terms of versatility and utility. They contain ideal lifting technology installed to carry out any civil engineering task. These cranes are known for their flexibility in the construction of residential buildings and on large scale industrial projects across the globe.

tower cranes

How do tower cranes get to the top in the construction fields?

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Tower cranes are used to lift heavy loads, most often to move heavy materials on a construction site. There are usually three methods to get tower cranes to the top in the construction field.

tower crane

Factors to consider while hiring a tower crane

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In construction and manufacturing sites, tower cranes play a vital role. They are needed to lift and move heavy objects/equipments that other machines cannot do. These equipment’s help you to manage your money as they can be hired from the tower crane owners. Yes, you have the more cost-effective option of hiring one.


Ensure safety during Tower Crane operation to avoid accidents 

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To lift heavy loads, a crane is used is used. We can find this machine on a construction site lifting heavy materials. On the other hand, a fixed crane has a greater weight capacity and it can lift loads much higher as it does not have the mobility of other types of cranes. Another type of fixed crane is the tower crane. It is a balance crane in its modern form.