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Primary Size Reduction Equipments: A Brief Overview on Jaw Crushers

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Crushing process is utilized to trim down the span of strong particles into littler sizes. They are significant size decrease machines utilized as a part of partnered, metallurgical, and mechanical enterprises. These crusher machines compress the feed by some moving units against a stationary unit or against another moving unit by the connected weight, effect, and shearing or consolidate activity on them.

Jaw Crushers

Advantages and features of Jaw Crushers

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What is a Jaw Crusher?

A jaw crusher is a machine that breaks building materials such as rocks, mountains into small pieces. Larger rock pieces can be reduced into smaller pieces such as gravel with the help of this machine. They break down the rocks into uniform sizes. However, different types of crushers can be used for different purposes. On the other hand, various types of crushing machines use different methods to break the stones.