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Lime Processing Plants

We offer a wide range of Lime Processing Plants to our clients.

We offer turnkey solutions for all the machinery required for setting up a Lime Processing Plant. These solutions include complete lime plants for:

Storing and Dosing: Overall systems are available comprising silo filling lines, silos, silo discharge and metering equipment to accurately dose dry quicklime powder directly into any process.

Quick Lime addition: The most common method is to store the hydrated lime in a silo and dose it to a tank where it is mixed with water to produce a 'milk of lime' (MOL) solution.

Quick Lime Slaking: Ball mill Slakers with Advanced Technology are added to a basic silo system to grind the quicklime in the presence of water to produce a milk of lime solution for use in any process.

No Pollution Problems: Advanced Technology lime systems include features to ensure the steam does not cause problems with caking and build up within the circuit. Completely enclosed systems eliminate the hazard of airborne lime dust, maximizing safety and reducing moisture ingress into the circuit.

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