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Sand Impactor

Buildmate Sand Impactor machines are designed for robust application, high wear resistance, low and easy maintenance, high strength while preparing sand. This machine delivers sand that can be used for construction of roads, dams, houses and so on. Our Sand Impactor consists of feeding hopper, rotopactor, sand screen, conveyors/elevators, electrical prime movers and controls, and so on.

Providing specially designed Sand Impactor machines is our speciality. This machine can crush glass, quartz, sodium falspar, high silica minerals efficiently with less wear cost. Our company has very experienced engineers and we maintain quality check of each and every machine we deliver. Sand produced by our sand Impactor is eco-friendly and a better substitute for river sand.

The maintenance of this machine is user-friendly and simple too. We have designed these machines in such a way; unskilled person with average brilliancy can also maintain this machine. All parts of this machinery are very suspiciously designed to avoid miss fitment. All safety measures are automatically inter-connected and there will be indication on the panel board regarding the fault set-up.

The sand produced from our machine strictly satisfies the standards. The biggest advantage of using this system is the whole rotating body is kept floating that reduces the friction losses. Hence, machine becomes more efficient to use. This design criterion of our plants can save 3.5% power charges.

Features and Benefits
a) Easily controlled product grading, consistent
b) Quick and easy replacement of wear parts.
c) Reduced operational cost per tonne.
d) Easy to maintain and reduces the downtime
e) Stable running performance and east operation

Our Sand Impactors are designed with International norms and standards to allow a high degree of flexibility with relative equipments. Since our inception, we have been offering products with unmatchable quality. Our machinery plants are highly appreciated because of their robust construction and high efficiency.

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