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Sand Lime Brick Plants

Buildmate offers a broad range of innovative machinery and services for the sand-lime (or calcium-silicate) industry. Buildmate has completed projects successfully to the satisfaction of customers within the sand-lime industry.

Sand-lime brick is a high-quality building material made of silica sand, quick lime and water. The raw materials will be mixed in a pre-mixer and after that stored in reactors for the hydration of the lime. After a time between 2 – 4 hours of hydration the material will be mixed again in a secondary double shaft mixer. The mixed material will be pressed by a double acting press to different sizes of bricks, blocks or elements.

Our product range comprises project planning and development of machinery for the following plant areas:
  • raw material processing
  • hydraulic sand lime brick presses
  • hardening trolleys logistics
  • autoclaving
  • brick treatment
  • packing
The advantages of sand lime bricks comparing to other building materials are as follows:
  • High strength
  • High Acoustic Resistance
  • Wide range of product sizes
  • Faster construction within economical Range and efficiency
  • Bricks are possible in different colors for outside walls
  • Small amount of mortar with the result of high cost reduction
  • Easy handling
  • High thermal isolation
  • High fire resistant

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