AAC Block Plant Manufacturers and Supplier

BuildMate is among the top manufacturers of AAC block plant Manufacturers and Supplier in India. We have a wide variety of AAC Block plant types ranging from the standard European style to our own proprietory style which yields in the best possible quality and now even a Low Capital Cost version which does not compromise on the quality we deliver.

AAC Blocks have been around for a long time but only now are getting market acceptance in developing countries. The technology has matured but minor innovations go a long way in increasing plant efficiencies and improving profit margins.

We have set up several AAC plants in India and abroad. You can find the complete list of completed and ongoing projects here.

Sizes of AAC Block Plant



Plant Capacity in cu.m per day

Plant type



150 expandable to 300

Low capital cost



300 to 600

Buildmate, European



600 to 1800

Buildmate, European

Requirements to set up an AAC block plant

  • Land area: Minimum 2 acres
  • Land dimensions: min of 75m x 20m
  • Proximity to affordable flyash / silica sand / river sand *
  • Proximity to urban markets
  • Minimal human labour for automated plants

Stages of block plant:

AAC Block Plant Manufacturers and Supplier in Hyderabad which is the fastest supplying unit around the state of Telangana and reaching the needs of the building industries.

batching 1. Batching
BuildMate’s AAC block plants have high accuracy batching plants with flexible design and high capacities. They can be completely customized to meet the needs of available raw materials and product range.
2. Casting
In the casting section we have several customizable options to provide you with the appropriate mixer and mould combinations. Along with the common variant of fixed mixers and movable moulds, we also supply a movable mixer. This movable mixer and stationary mould prevents settling of raw materials by minimizing time between mixing and casting and decreases the wear and tear of the moulds. Our movable mixers ensure the pour is even and uniform, and fixed moulds decrease rising cracks to produce a green cake that has uniform aeration and produces superior blocks.
cutting 3. Cutting
Cutting is a crucial part in the AAC block making process. The right process and quality machinery in this section minimizes waste and ensures dimensional accuracy and blocks will be superior. We have two variants of cutting machine. In the typical cutting process, the cake passes through the trimming, horizontal cutting and vertical cutting machines to produce different sizes of block as per market requirements.

In the BuildMate process the cake remains fixed while the trimming, horizontal cutting and vertical cutting take place. This reduces the strain on the green cake as it’s movement is minimized. This process has decreased the wastage drastically and consistently produced the blocks of finest finish with less cut waste.
curing 4. Curing
After cutting, the AAC blocks have to be cured to attain maximum strength in the autoclaves. We have improved every step of this process to optimize the steam consumption, increased strength, and efficient movement of the blocks. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world to provide you with a green separator, a push pull transfer car system and an efficient autoclaving process.
palletizing 5. Palletizing
Once the cured cake is produced, it needs to be stored and packed. For efficient transfer and minimizing the labour, we provide a grab and shift crane which will move the blocks from the curing section to storage. This transfer system through cranes and conveyors can be customized for full automation upto loading of trucks.