Pre Engineered Buildings Manufacturers & PEB Plant

Buildmate is one of the well known manufacturers in PEB (Pre Engineered Buildings). With a view to meet the increasing needs of modern era, our Pre-Engineered Buildings are of excellent design that contains light weight steel components to suit the needs of our customers.

PEB system is used for the construction of new and modern industrial building structure, ware houses, industrial sheds and so on. PEB systems applications are considered as highly cost effective. We are expert in providing pre engineered buildings and structures that have been ideal for many warehouses, offices, sites, factories and so on. We offer to provide the buildings by using the latest innovative technology.

We have a team of the best design engineers that are expert in this field and industry. We also offer the customization on any kind of work they require.

A strong presence in this industry for more than two decades has sharpened our expertise to provide complete pre engineering buildings solutions. We specialize in industrial building construction, warehouses, auditoriums, and other related structural works.

At Buildmate, every product is the result of an excellent level of research innovation and service support systems. We have proficient quality assurance department so that it confirms the appropriate industrial international standards in each product; you are planning to have with us.

We take up total responsibility from understanding complicated requirements of customers to commissioning of the project.

Have special PEB requirements that no one else will do? Buildmate can do it on EPC basis!

Buildmate PEB Structures Benefits
  • Low initial cost
  • Better-quality product
  • Fast project construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Resourceful
Buildmate is well-equipped with modern machines and backed by workforce who has sound technical background, well versed with all kinds of advance techniques. During construction process, our professionals will keep in touch with clients to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers. We determine the real need of the customers and provide best suitable PEB systems.